Physics Student Union


The PhySU Lounge (MP217) is now open!

Feel free to stop by anytime! We have a microwave, free printing, free sanitary products, office supplies, and a cheap snack bar!

(Also tons of other things, including a foosball table, a really old game console, chess sets, possibly ping-pong equipment, and random books.)

Our official hours are 9 AM ­to 9 PM.

PhySU Orientation 2023!

We are back this year with our second iteration of PhySU's orientation week! Whether a new student or not, feel free to check out and sign up for our events at this link or in the section you can find in the header of this website. 

For any further information, feel free to email us or reach out to the execs via discord or instagram (@physu)!

Join us on Discord!

We also have an online presence on the Discord platform!

Click the Discord icon above to join. You will need to go through a brief verification process to ensure you are a current UofT student.

Checkout our GitHub Resources

All resources from Academic Events and Workshops will be uploaded on PhySU's official GitHub.

Anonymous Comment Box

Have concerns about a class? Have suggestions for improving the physics community at UofT? Tell us here!

PhySU serves as the primary liaison between the student body and the department of physics. It is important that we hear about any issues that students have with the physics program. The more students report an issue, the more influence we will have in pushing for meaningful improvement.

Have personal questions or concerns? We also have a non-anonymous question form! For urgent concerns, please email us at