Executive Team 2023-2024

Sam Lakerdas-Gayle


Year/program: 4th Year Physics & Astronomy Specialist, Statistics Minor, Mathematics Minor 

Future career goals: Astrophysics grad school

Favourite particle: WIMP

Amelie Zhang


Year/program:  4th Year, Math and Physics Specialist, CS, Statistics Minor 

Future career goals: Graduate Studies in Quantum Physics/Engineering, R&D 

Favourite particle: Photon :) 


VP Academic Affairs


Future career goals: 

Favourite particle: 

Ivan Ovchinnikov

VP Social Events

Year/program: 3rd year, Math & Physics specialist

Future career goals:  Find enlightenment by computing homotopy groups of different materials

Favourite particle: Electron

Adi Khandelwal

VP Communications

Year/program: 4th year, astronomy and physics specialist, chemistry minor, math minor 

Future career goals: Grad school for astrophysics and then work in industry  

Favourite particle: Graviton - pretty mysterious and the mystery is what makes physics interesting 

Justin Mah

VP Asset Management

Year/program: 4th year, Physics Specialist, Math Minor 

Future career goals: Get a high paying job and make lots of money 

Favourite particle: Charm quark - because I’m a charming guy :) 

Shuhan Zheng

VP Internal and External Affairs 

Year/program: 4th year, Physics and astronomy double major 

Future career goals: Applied Sciences research in an Aerospace-related field 

Favourite particle: Neutron, because when it's in the nucleus, it binds the nucleus together, and when it's free on its own, fewer things can stop it. 

Raia Ottenheimer

VP Secretary

Year/program: 4th year Biological Physics Specialist (Advanced Physics Stream) 

Future career goals:  graduate studies in Atmospheric Physics 

Favourite particle: Gluon

Halle Nunes

VP First Year Representative (PHY151/2) 

Year/program: 1st year

Future career goals: <TBA>

Favourite particle: <TBA>

Dorna Ashnaashari

VP First Year Representative (PHY131/2) 

Year/program: 1st year

Future career goals:  <TBA>

Favourite particle: <TBA>