Executive Team 2022-2023

Katerina (Kat) Isabel Benevides


Year/program: 3rd year Astronomy and Physics Specialist, Archaeology Major, Math Minor

Future career goals: Astronaut; Archaeoastronomer; Observational Astrophysics where I can sit in a telescope dome and watch the forever-rotating sky

Favourite particle: Neutrinos; lightweight but pack a punch at high speed

Julian John Jean Meunier


Year/program: 4th Year, Physics Major, Astronomy & Astrophysics Major

Future career goals: Graduate studies in astrophysics. Researching compact objects, cosmology, dark matter.

Favourite particle: Graviton

Amelie Zhang

VP Academic Affairs

Year/program: 3rd year Math and Physics Specialist, CS, Statistics Minor

Future career goals: Graduate Studies in Quantum Physics/Engineering, R&D

Favourite particle: Photon :)

Adi Khandelwal

VP Social Events

Year/program: 3rd year, astronomy and physics specialist, chemistry minor, math minor

Future career goals: Astrochemistry maybe?

Favourite particle: Graviton - pretty mysterious and the mystery is what makes physics interesting

Sam Lakerdas-Gayle

VP Communications

Year/program: 3rd Year, Astronomy & Physics Specialist, Statistics Major, Mathematics Minor

Future career goals: Astrophysics grad school

Favourite particle: WIMP

Justin Mah

VP Asset Management

Year/program: 3rd year, Physics Specialist, Math Minor

Future career goals: et a high paying job and make lots of money

Favourite particle: Charm quark - because I’m a charming guy :)

Amy Mann

VP Internal and External Affairs

Year/program: 2nd year, math and physics specialist

Future career goals: graduate studies in physics… atmospheric physics or quantum mechanics or something else?Favourite particle: the axion - like the laundry detergent

Ivan Ovchinnikov

VP Secretary

Year/program: 2nd Year Math and Physics Specialist

Future career goals: Find enlightenment through meditating on the nature of n-dimensional space

Favourite particle: Electron