Executive Team 2021-2022

Samuel Li

Year/program: 4th year, math specialist, physics specialist, CS minor

Future career goals: AMO or Condensed Matter, Theory or Experiment (one of the four)

Favourite particle: Anyon

John Wood

Year/program: 2nd, double major in physics and philosophy

Future career goals: Education and/or Research

Favourite particle: electron

Katerina Isabel Benevides
VP Internal and External Affairs, Social Events Committee

Year/program: TBD

Future career goals: TBD

Favourite particle: TBD

Adrian Carpenter
VP Secretary

Year/program: 4th year, physics major, math specialist

Future career goals: Graduate school in math or music technology

Favourite particle: the purple one

Sam Lakerdas-Gayle
VP Communications

Year/program: 2nd year, Astronomy and Physics Specialist, Statistics Major

Future career goals: Astrophysics Research

Favourite particle: WIMP

Aditya Khandelwal
VP Asset Management, Social Events Committee

Year/program: Second year (starting Fall 2021), Astronomy and Physics Specialist with a Chemistry Minor

Future career goals: Planning on doing grad school after undergrad and then going into research and academia

Favourite particle: Graviton, cause we don't know if it exists yet and I love a good mystery 😎

Amelie Zhang
VP Academic Affairs, Social Events Committee

Year/program: 2nd year Math and Physics Specialist, CS, Statistics Minor

Future career goals: Graduate Studies in Quantum Physics/Engineering, R&D

Favourite particle: Photon :)

Chaitanya Khamar
VP First-Year Representative

Year/program: 1st year Astronomy + Physics Specialist

Future career goals: Gravitational Wave Research

Favourite particle: Neutrino!