Planning Your Math Courses

Should I take harder math courses than what is required?

Many math classes you will take have multiple streams. One stream is intended for students completing a math specialist. These courses are very challenging, rigorous, and often have fewer applications to physics. The other stream is more focused on the applications of math and are very useful in physics. First and second year calculus courses have other streams as well.

The math specialist stream gives a much stronger understanding of math, but most physics students will not find this extra knowledge to be useful in undergraduate physics courses. The more applied math courses provide knowledge that is very useful in physics courses.

PhySU encourages students to take the math courses they are interested in and comfortable with. Otherwise, we suggest taking only the level of math courses that you need for your degree. Higher level math courses are generally not helpful to your physics degree.

Which first-year calculus course should I take? 

See: A guide to first year calculus courses, prepared by the math department.

Which second-year (multivariate) calculus course should I take?

When should I take ODEs? Which course should I take?

When should I take PDEs? Which course should I take?

Please check back later for information about PDEs!